Sandia Solar

Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Sandia Solar is committed to harnessing one of New Mexicoís most abundant resources, the Sun. Establishing New Mexico as the leader in US production of solar generated power is our vision.

Sandia Solar specializes in the design, engineering and installation of grid-tied photovoltaic (PV) power generation systems. We donít donít just sell you and install a PV system on your home. We work with you to develop a high quality aesthetically integrated solution for your home that will meet or exceed all your expectations.

Special Bulletin:  As of January 2009, the $2000 cap on the 30% Federal Tax Credit for PV solar was eliminated. You will get more money back in your pocket in the Tax Year you install your system.  An installed PV system pays for itself faster than ever with the new law. Click here for more information on Elimination of Fed Tax Credit Cap

Federal and state 30% state tax credits and electric utility programs including Net Metering and Renewable Energy Credits (REC) reduce the pay-back time for an installed PV system.  Contact Sandia Solar to learn how these incentives make the investment in PV solar more attractive than ever.

Residential Energy Audits. Before you invest in solar, obtain an analysis of your gas and electric energy usage, detailed home audit, and proposed actions to reduce your utility bills. Report includes a proposed PV solution with projected savings and investment analysis. Schedule your audit now and reduce your energy bills.

Email kj@sandiasolar.com

Phone (505) 506-5248

Other services include design and engineering of off-grid PV, wind, and solar thermal power generation.

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